For the Wissahickon
School District:

Great Schools, Great Community,

Great Team!


The Wissahickon School District includes
Ambler Borough,
Lower Gwynedd & Whitpain Townships


This was an incredible election experience for us. Not only was it a 'clean sweep' for The Great School Team but voter turn-out increased by 11,000 votes from 4 years ago.

On December 4th we were sworn in as Wissahickon School Board Directors.

Here, thanks to Lou Lozada, are pictures of the event. 


Debbie Greenstein_2.jpg (5175598 bytes) Tracie Walsh_3.jpg (5474288 bytes)

Debbie Greenstein

Tracie Walsh

School Board Tiffany Hodgson_4.jpg (799789 bytes) School Board Stoloff4.jpg (1801317 bytes)

Tiffany Hodgson, PhD

Ron Stoloff

For more information about our new School Board Directors,
click on the name link.

After our increadable victory, we were asked to share our thoughts.
Here is the letter we submitted that was published in the Ambler Gazette.


Thank you so much to everyone that came out to vote for us. We are humbled at the response that we – Debbie Greenstein, Tiffany Hodgson, Ron Stoloff and Tracie Walsh - received on November 7th. It was obvious that the citizens of the Wissahickon School District were interested in this race as 11,000 more votes were cast over 4 years ago when Tracie Walsh, Ron Stoloff and Sheri Becker were first elected.

Now, as we look at the challenges of the next four years – and the decades ahead – we see the many difficulties laying out before us and the other members of the Wissahickon School Board:

  1. efforts to eliminate the “Performance Gap” so all our students can rise to their greatest potential

  2. the challenge of continuing to provide a curriculum that fits 21st century standards

  3. the continuing effort to support our schools without raising taxes to such an extent that our residents can no longer live here

  4. to maintain and modernize our schools so that they support our students in their efforts to gain a top notch education

None of this will be easy but we owe it to every stake-holder in Wissahickon to do our best.

Probably the most pleasurable part of campaigning was the chance to meet our neighbors as we canvased throughout the district, hearing your questions and concerns. You should be confident as our terms move forward, the above questions and your concerns will shape our actions.

Ron Stoloff,
Tracie Walsh,
Debbie Greenstein,
Tiffany Hodgson,

The School District is important not only because it sets policy for the Schools but its actions shape our students, affects our property values and sets our taxes.